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OUR ART SITE is your online touch-point for discovering the best and most exciting contemporary artists around the world — featuring famous art vets and relative unknowns alike. All across the States, down to Ecuador, Brazil, over to London, Geneva, Stockholm and beyond, we never want to restrict ourselves to a single city or circle of artists. Knowing that great work is coming from everywhere, we constantly and aggressively search for outstanding new artists to interview and showcase on the site — and we openly encourage all artists to submit their work to us directly. With this interactive approach, we’ve been able to roll out new features and spotlights on the site almost daily, about all the artists you’ll need and want to know.
What’s our big idea? After years of wandering the internet for good artists’ sites, we were tired of coming up short. Most sites of any quality were overly exclusive; others were too stagnant and never updated, or just impossible to find. We wanted there to be a single, complete and constantly evolving source for the art community online — OUR ART SITE is exactly that.
We’re here to provide an interactive tool for artists to participate with other artists in the global art community. We’re already becoming the leading artist-driven site on the web, so check back often, send us an email, make yourself a profile, visit and add to our artists’ store front, and hang on for the ride.
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