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Funky Mailboxes

When people walk up to your house, one of the first sights upon which they feast your eyes is the mailbox. In fact, it’s one of the tools at your home that actually gets used every day. Instead of having a dull and boring mailbox grace the presence of your front door, try one of these funky ideas to bring more bursts of life to your home.

DIY Mailboxes

If you want something truly unique attached to your front door or at the end of the driveway, make your own mailbox. Using a variety of paints, you can literally create whatever you want on it. It might be a family crest, series of funny quotations or just a silly picture. Whatever you do, be certain that the materials are safe for outdoor use.

Animal Mailboxes

Pet owners love their furry-and not so furry-friends, so have your mailbox modeled about one of these beloved critters. From dogs and cats to lizards and birds, an array of possibilities exist. For a really cool appeal, find one that uses the mouth of the animal as the part that opens up to receive all of your magazines, Christmas cards, letters from pen pals and bills. Don’t fret about your decision; this dog is certainly one that will not chase the mailman down the street!

Hobby Mailboxes

Let the world know what you love to do in your spare time. Whether it’s a mailbox crafted from the image of a monster truck or one that looks like a plate of food you love to cook, all different types of styles are available. An excellent idea is to purchase a mailbox that matches your business theme, especially if it’s one that clients and customers frequent. From the moment they walk up to the front door, they’ll be aware that your business is there to serve. When you order the mailbox, find out if you can have a message welcoming people to your practice or business engraved or written on the surface.

Large Structures

Sometimes, you might want a mailbox that can double as a decoration on the front lawn. If that’s the case, try something really unique. For example, you might purchase a huge fake Christmas tree that has a slot for mail in it to use during the holiday season. Other suggestions include a stadium replica of your favorite team’s home base, a model of an ATM machine, an image of a mountain that you’ve always dreamed of climbing and so forth. These might be a little confusing when you first put them though. In order to ensure that you continue to receive your mail at the proper times, wait outside on the first day and let the mailman know where your next mail receptacle is.

Having a funky and unique mailbox is one of the ways that you can add some character and life to your house. Check out all of the possible options available before you spend the money on one of these ideas.

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